Lil' Rascal - Like A Grown As Man CD

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Our friends of NorthCyde are back with another good one! This time around they released a remastered CD reissue of Lil' Rascals Houston classic "Like A Grown As Man". Be quick because it's a very limited press of only 200 copies!


Sold out now, these are the last few copies from the label!




01. Life And Death
02. One A Day
03. Reality Break
04. Deadgame Badboys
05. Let Her Ride
06. Show-N-Luv
07. Mi Way
08. Liquor Sto
09. 95 Cowboy
10. Gettin Paid
11. Smokin Out
12. You Gone Ride
13. Set Fo Life
14. G-N-Me
15. Respect Da Dead
16. Thank God
17. Luv Ya Groove
18. Shout Out To My Nigga


Shipping Date: April 16th, 2021