Da Steez Brothaz - 1Tape4UMind Cassette

€12.99 €10.00

Brand EP from one of our favorite Colombian crews, Da Steez Brothaz! Straight raw and hardcore boom bap, this EP was first released last year in June 2020 but due to COVID restrictions they weren't able to ship internationally until only a few days back. Limited to 100 copies, the entire EP was produced by JOC Beats from Argentina and this EP will only be released on tape so don't sleep!




A1 State Of Mind

A2 Fuck Da Police

A3 Back In The Dayz

A4 Style Wars

A5 Hipocresia Y Falsedad

A6 Temperamentos

A7 Dammn!

A8 Rindiendo Cuentas


B1 State Of Mind (instrumental)

B2 Fuck Da Police (instrumental)

B3 Back In The Dayz (instrumental)

B4 Style Wars (instrumental)

B5 Hipocresia Y Falsedad (instrumental)

B6 Temperamentos (instrumental)

B7 Dammn! (instrumental)

B8 Rindiendo Cuentas (instrumental)