New Breed of Hustlas - Ratha B-A Hustla CD

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Riverside, CA classic from the New Breed of Hustlas! A newly remastered CD reissue from our friends at NorthCyde Vinyl which comes with a bonus track "My Dawgs" which originally was released as a single only back in 1993.


Limited to 300 copies only!




01 The Intro
02 Col' Hearted Muthafucka'
03 Mind of a Gangsta
04 "thought it was safe?"
05 Nyte Games
06 Borderline Bitchh
07 P.T.P.
08 Anotha Dolla
09 Aggrevated Assault
10 Ratha B A Hustla'
11 It's R Thyme
12 187 Means Murder...
13 Murder Suspect Skit
14 Cum 'ere Bitch
15 Ain't personal, Jus' biznes
16 My Dawgs (Bonus Track)


Release Date: March 19th 2021