Lil Milt ‎– The Prophecy CD

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New reissue released by Most Wanted Records of Lil Milt's "The Prophecy" album originally released in 1997. It includes an exclusive bonus track called "One Of A Kind" which was taken from Lil Milt's unreleased debut album "Tales From Tha Westside" originally recorded in 1995!




  1. The Prophecy
  2. Ghetto Killaz
  3. Code Of True Hustlaz
  4. My Baby Mama
  5. Make A Move
  6. The Concrete Jungle
  7. Game
  8. Better Day
  9. That's How It Goes
  10. Another Lady Sings The Blues
  11. Cashville
  12. For My Brothas
  13. Wanna Be A G
  14. Cashflow
  15. Clockin G's
  16. Hard Times
  17. One Of A Kind


Shipping Date: February 24th, 2021