Ghetto Chilldren - 90's Unreleased, Demos & Rare Tracks CD

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B2DS is back with another Tribal Music collabo! After dropping the "Do The Math", "Untranslated Prescriptions" and "Narcotik" gems it was time to put out some Ghetto Chilldren 90's unreleased songs with B Self & Vitamin D!


Limited to only 300 copies on CD!




01 Blankets

02 Questions

03 Detour To The Left

04 On The 1's And 2's

05 Regrets

06 Caught Up

07 Oddballsyndrom

08 Free Enterprise

09 Fruits & Delights

10 BBQ & The Stank Nasty

11 Hood Rats


Shipping Date: March 5th, 2021