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Hitman ‎– Solo Creep 2xLP

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Hitman ‎– Solo Creep 2xLP
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In collaboration with Black C of RBL Posse, Hella Dope Records has released this limited edition double vinyl album on orange wax as a tribute to Hitman.


Only 500 copies available! Each copy will be hand numbered and will come with a "25 Year Anniversary" hype sticker. Rest In Paradise Hitman.


NOTE: The records arrived with a corner crease and slightly bumped corner so the records will be available at a reduced price. If you have concerns and would like to request pics you can mail to

Side A

1. Mack A Hoe
2. Mr. Player Hater (feat. N.O.H.)
3. I Bet You Bit A Chip
4. All The N-ggas (feat. The Squad)


Side B

5. Reeper
6. Deeper And Deeper
7. G's And Jiggies (feat. Iyesha)


Side C

8. Solo Creep
9. The Funk
10. Would You Know (feat. Mr. Cee)
11. You Better Come Strapped (feat. Black C)


Side D

12. Cut'em By The LB (feat. Hustla Moe, N.O.H.)
13. A Glock Here, A Glock There (feat. Iyesha Mathews)
14. Mr. Sandman