Tha S.E.T. ‎– Trickeration Foe Life CD

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The debut album from San Diego, CA group Tha S.E.T. finally back in print by Most Wanted Records.


Tha S.E.T. (stands for South East Trickeration) and consisted of That Nigga Erick, P-Funk (R.I.P.), M-Wack and Devoe (R.I.P.).




  1. New York City
  2. Listen To What I Kick
  3. Raised By The Streets
  4. The Struggle Is On
  5. My Life
  6. Bouncin'
  7. Flowtation
  8. Let Loose
  9. K-S.I.M.P.
  10. Tell Me (What You Wanna Do)
  11. Young Thugs
  12. South East Struggle
  13. 12 Gauge Dumpin'
  14. Freeze Nigga
  15. Trickeration Foe Life


Shipping Date: February 14, 2021