Crooked Path - After Dark LP

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SWE is back with Seattle crew Crooked Path's previously unreleased debut album from 1992! Check out Funk Daddy's breakdown on the group's history.


Funk Daddy: "Crooked Path consists of JaySkee, Dee-Lyrious, and DJ Funk Daddy (then known as Greg B). JaySkee was the mastermind as he was always putting things together and making things happen. Dee-Lyrious was a producer, DJ, and Rapper who was the more lyrical one of the group with a gangsta voice. Funk Daddy (Greg B) was the producer, battle DJ, and vocalist on some of the tracks as well."


"All 3 of us went to the University Of Washington where we all met.  JaySkee playing football, Dee-Lyrious playing basketball and Funk Daddy DJing all the college parties. JaySkee brought everyone together and we all meshed naturally."


In 1992 Crooked Path recorded and completed "After Dark" of which only a few promo tapes were pressed. Two of the album's tracks later appeared on Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Seattle... The Dark Side" compilation album in 1993.


The LP will be limited to 250 copies only, 100 on sick color vinyl and 150 on black vinyl. We revamped the original tape artwork and the tracklist will feature some "Fun Facts" provided by Funk Daddy. 




  1. Menace Crook
  2. Hoo-Ride
  3. Crooked Anthem (Wanna Piece) 
  4. I-5 South
  5. Gangsta Temptations 
  6. Where De’ At
  7. 12 Gauge
  8. Swing From These
  9. Shit I Ain't Supposed 2
  10. Wojack – Somethin’ 4 Ya Trunk
  11. Wheels Spinnin
  12. Gold Miner 49ER
  13. Outro


Shipping Date: February 19th, 2021