The Fix (DJ Grazzhoppa & Jamil Honesty) - This Is War CD

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The Fix consist of two long time collaborators, Baltimore emcee Jamil Honesty and legendary Belgian DJ Grazzhoppa . They came together to give you their debut album "This Is War" featuring elite emcees like Ill Conscious, Josiah The Gift, Supreme Cerebral, Codenine and more! The LP contains pretty straight forward raw rhymes from Jamil Honesty paired with top notch beats from DJ Grazzhoppa who not only produced the majority of the project but also provided the album with his signature cuts. An absolute gem and without a doubt one of the illest albums of 2020! 


Since the album was released on CD already last year but sold out quickly, I decided to do a small very limited CD repress of only 150 copies which will feature the amazing Real Shit (The Majestic Remix) as a bonus track! 




01 The Strategy (Intro) 

02 Brain Cell 

03 Mechanikal Movements Featuring Code Nine

04 The Lesson Featuring Cayoz & Ill Conscious 

05 Real Sh!t 

06 Pain Featuring Monique Harcum 

07 On The Corner 

08 Chamber Music Featuring Ace Cannons 

09 Freestyle 2020 Featuring Supreme Cerebral 

10 Reagan Era Featuring Revalation & Substance810 

11 Sayin’ Nothing 

12 Major Featuring Josiah The Gift 

13 Word2Mother (The Fix Remix) *CD Bonus Track 

14 Real Shit (The Majestic Remix) *CD Bonus Track 


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