Al-D - Home of the Free CD (OG COPIES)

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Original copy of Home of the Free, the debut album from Al-D released in 1995. A Houston, TX classic produced by the legendary DJ Screw who was Al-D's brother and Ron Chandler.


Note: The plastic seal has some some air bubbles and the front cover has some small tab indentations.




  1. Intro
  2. Lost In Tha Hood
  3. Let Me Blow
  4. Can U See This
  5. Who Am I 2 Look Up 2
  6. Ghetto Child
  7. Homies Funeral
  8. Long Live 83rd
  9. Screw 1
  10. Screw 2
  11. Screw 3
  12. Welcome 2 Tha Jungle (Screwed)