Big Mack - A Better Way (25th Anniversary) LP (Back In Stock)


Big Mack's debut album was originally released on Tuesday October 31st, 1995 (Halloween). To celebrate this album's 25th Anniversary, Hella Dope Records re-released this album on yellow vinyl. Only 500 copies available & each copy will be hand-numbered.


Side 1

1. Intro (feat. TC)
2. Tru 2 This
3. Countin' Money (feat. Tay Da Tay of 11/5)
4. Stackin' The Most (feat. Primo)
5. Fatt Sak (feat. Sharon J)
6. Reality Check (feat. RBL Posse, Baldhead Rick, Duracel)
7. A Better Way (feat. Pleshette)


Side 2

8. Dope Shit (feat. Tay Da Tay of 11/5)
9. Microphone (feat. Double R)
10. Lettin' Em Know
11. Pimps, Playas & Hustlas (feat. One Tyme)
12. Outro
13. We Comin' Real (feat. Miru) *Bonus Track
14. Trucks & Coups (feat. Big Chally) *Bonus Track