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SWE007-CD / Face Forever - World Of Crime

SWE007-CD / Face Forever - World Of Crime
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Face Forever was a rap duo from New Orleans, consisting of J.S. and Big Nut. They first came out in 1995 when they dropped the R.A.W. EP and then followed it up with their debut album "World of Crime" in 1996.


Limited to only 300 copies!



  1. All for the Money 
  2. Survival Featuring Crazy
  3. Face Forever 
  4. Ridin' Dirty 
  5. Rollin' in My Ride Featuring Legend Man
  6. Product & Revenue 
  7. World of Crime 
  8. Face II Face 
  9. Shed No Tears (Skit) Featuring Legend Man, Crazy & Stress 
  10. Time 
  11. Wicked Eyes 
  12. Never Say Die