C.I.N. – ’94 Mobsta’s Vinyl LP


Taha and JTLM Records in association with IteM Records are proud to present you for the first time on vinyl, the first album of bay area underground group C.I.N.


C.I.N. (Criminal Industry of Niggas) was a Hip Hop group from Richmond, California, made up of B-Dub, Cooley T, M.C.M and The Trouble Maker. They were signed to Real Mob Records and No Face Records.


They came together in 1990 to release their first single, Criminal Image. Four years later, the group released their first album, ’94 Mobsta’s, produced entirely by Mike Mosley and Sam Bostic.
Their second and final album, Richmond Roulette was released in 1996 on No Face Records.




Sick Side
A1 Kill Without Warning
A2 Murder By A Lunatic
A3 Drinkin' And Drivin'
A4 Hate Me 'Cuz I'm Hard
A5 Mr. Nonchalant
A6 Symptoms Of A Psycho


Death Side
B1 Two Steps From Death
B2 Soldiers Of C.I.N.
B3 Let Him Die
B4 '94 Mobsta
B5 Buck Shots