99th Demention - 99th Demention CD


"Let’s take a little time travel vacation to Daly City, California (just south of San Francisco) to September of ‘95. Travel beneath the surface and enter the 99th Demention, yes that’s right, D-e-m-e-n-tion, as dementia (n. mental deterioration), demented — a world created by Z Man where greedy label lords lure cash-hungry artists to sign their lives away; where robot MCs perform like wind-up toys; where you’ll see a sign that reads, “Will DJ for food” — a world not too different from reality, but where these evils are made clear, and live through the many characters penned by Z Man.

The musical dimension of 99th Demention is fleshed out by Z Man and his associates King Maz, Young Slim, Rated R, Rev Cope and P.B.F.-1. 99th Demention are rebels in rap. They know we’re all tired of the same tired shit and they talk about it. They have ventured out of the 99th Demention to our earthly realm to offer “hip-hop relief for the folks.” Their style is straight Frisco, and yet not. It’s west coast and east coast, and yet neither.

Check the cut “Too Much Sauce,” which warns against the common stereotyping of west coast/Bay Area hip-hop. This music is chaos with a purpose and Z Man describes their style as “alternative rap".


Reissue of the 1995 debut album, originally released on cassette.
Remastered from the original DAT by Dan Randall of Mammoth Sound Mastering.
Artwork re-created by Z-Man, inspired by the original art.


Limited to only 250 copies and shipping now!




01           Intro 

02           Fast Forward That Shit!!                

03           Testin 1.2.3.        

04           Too Much Sauce               

05           Skit 1      

06           99 MC    

07           Skit 2      

08           Skit 3      

09           I               

10           Back       

11           Dick In The Closet             

12           Skit         

13           Free 




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