King Tee – Tha Triflin’ Album LP

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Taha and JTLM records in association with IteM Records are very proud to present you for the first time on picture cover the third album of the Compton legend King Tee from the world famous Likwit Crew.


The album has two sides a “drunk” side and a “sober” side, showing us what’s goin’ on in L.A. and Compton.
Tha Triflin’ Album, with its mixture of raucous black and blue party humor and harrowing depictions of sexploitation and violence, is a reality sandwich from the streets of South Central L.A.
Ice cube makes a guest appearance on “KIng Tee’s Beer Stand”, an actual St. Ides commercial that became the #1 most-requested recording on the L.A. radio station K-DAY. He also featured on “Hoe B-4 Tha Homie” with Deadly Threat.


Tee unleashes Tha Alkaholiks, J-Ro and Tash whose lyrical styles add serious strength and versatility to the album. Writing and recording over a period of eight months, King Tee coproduced Tha Triflin’ Album with his redoutable crew – DJ Pooh, Broadway, DJ Aladdin and his DJ, E-Swift from Tha Alkaholiks.


Last but not least, legendary east coast producers Marley Marl and DJ Bobcat helped him to add the hardcore NY vibe.
The beats are mean and lean, the raps are razor-sharp and the music is def and dope.