Ill Advised - Can U Smell It CD

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Ill Advised consisted of Baby Blak and Mr Lish with Rahsheed a.k.a. Maylay Sparks as an honorary member. "Can U Smell It" was originally released in 1997 on Quake City Records and came out in Japan and only on CD. On the production tip we have local Philly legends Basun Beats, D.J. Jazz, D.J. Mighty Mi, D.J. Miz & Reef.


All tracks have been remastered and the issue will only be limited to 400 copies!




1 Intro
2 Names
3 Through The Eye
4 Encore
5 Against The Grain
6 Interlude
7 Kites To The Streets
8 Freestyle I Wrek FM
9 F@!k Ya Head Up!
10 Gimme Tha Mic
11 Kwestionz
12 Freestyle II Wrek FM
13 Who I*m Iz???
14 Roll Call
15 Stress
16 Outro


Release date: September 18th, 2020.