I Smooth 7 - Ghetto Life CD

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"Ghetto Life" originally was slated to be released by Motown sublabel Mad Sounds Recordings in 1995. The album was shelved and finally released as a very limited edition CD by II Tight in 2008 and for the first time on vinyl by Armabillion in 2020.


SWE felt it was time to pay hommage again to I Smooth 7 and "Ghetto Life" and went to work collaborating with I Smooth 7, Abstract Rude, DJ Battlecat, Fat Jack and DJ Slip to give the CD headz a proper reissue. We are proud to present you with revised artwork building around the image that was originally intended as the cover on the 1995 release. SWE also went all out with extensive credits and features on all tracks.


Legendary Dutch graff artist Rockin Roger aka AZHQ provided us with a timeless front cover. In-house graphic artist Pascal Ross-Marquette went to work and finished it off proper. Of course we can't forget SWE general Jee Van Cleef, who thoroughly remastered the project to top it off. Last but not least a major shoutout to my man Fischio of Armabillion for the hook-up!


Then there's even more big news, we will be selling 25 pair of exclusive shoes commemorating this release! Once they are gone that's it!


Limited edition of 400 CDs total, initially 250 were pressed but due to the overwhelming demand another 150 CD's were pressed and released on October 7th. There is no difference between both presses, all matrix numbers and identifiers are identical.



01 Intro
02 So Much Luv
03 Ghetto Life
04 Coolin' In Da Ghetto
05 Interlude
06 Nina
07 What's Tha Real
08 Thought You Be Here
09 I Smooth 7
10 Interlude
11 Goin' All Out
12 Kings & Queens
13 Witness A Death
14 Love For The Ghetto
15 Sets N Da West
16 Interlude
17 Strugglin'
18 My Hood In The Summertime