Jam DOT / Da Ooh! ‎– Da Original Troopa EP / Lost In Queens EP CD



Da Original Troopa EP

1 Jam DOT          On Top

2 Jam DOT          Off To The Races            

3 Jam DOT          Flashers              

4 Jam DOT          On Point             

5 Jam DOT          The Hustle         

6 Jam DOT          Gravity 

Lost In Queens EP

7 Da Ooh!           The Chemistry (Vocal Version)   

8 Da Ooh!           Watch Out (Dirty Version)          

9 Da Ooh!           The Chemistry (Instrumental)    

10 Da Ooh!         Weh Ah Dae (Unreleased Demo)             

11 Da Ooh!         This Is How (Unreleased Demo)

12 Da Ooh!         Act Like You (Unreleased Demo)             

CD Bonus Tracks

13 Jam D.O.T.    Just Think (Unreleased) 

14 Jam D.O.T.    Soul Searchin' (Remix)  

15 Jam D.O.T.    Soul Searchin' (Original)              

16 Jam D.O.T.    Time (Wastelandz Remix)