Tha Chamba - Makin' Illa Noize (25th Anniversary Edition) CD

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Makin' Illa Noize was originally released in 1995 by Tha Chamba, a 3 man crew consisting of Chainsaw, Toxic and DJ Riot One. By many considered a classic, it has become a sought after piece by hip-hop headz. Now in 2020 HHE is proud to present you a 25th Anniversary Edition that includes 6 bonus tracks.



1 We Can Do Dis!
2 Hardcore Kru
3 Fed Up (Datz On Ill)
4 Sayahlilsumthin'
5 Hood Thang
6 Da Lit.
7 Essence
8 Insane Illusion
9 Criminal Set (I.S.A. Theme)
10 Tha Siclic
11 Hood Thang (Remix)
12 Sayahlilsumthin (Remix)
13 Sayahlilsumthin (Chemical B Mix)
14 Don't Sleep
15 Korrupted (Original Version)
16 Korrupted (Remix)


Release date: July 15th, 2020.