Type 4 ‎– Trailmix CD



Media: Very Good Plus

Sleeve: Very Good Plus



"Wanna be" written on the top of the booklet as pictured in this listing.



1 Touch The Hog

2 Dishrag

3 Bo, Move Your Car

4 Of Course!

5 Carpe Diem

6 Pile O’ Junk

7 Berntawringe

8 Wikkid Stoopid

9 Electric Chicken (Super Hip-Hop Hero Mix)

10 Goin’ Off 4 The Kids

11 Catcher In The Rhyme

12 Smile At The Sun

13 Whiskey Sour Wiggle

14 Shoefunk And Spam

15 Punk Smackin’ (WDMX)

16 Dishrag (Figaro Remix)

17 Wikkid Stoopid (The Really Stupid Remix)

18 Shoefunk And Spam (Bye, Bye Bradley Remix)