Confidence & J Ferra Present Dese – Unreleased (15 Years Later) CD


HHE is proud to present you a superb previously unreleased project from 2005 called "Confidence & J Ferra Present Dese – Unreleased (15 Years Later) LP" backed by Boston production wizards Confidence and J Ferra. The man on the mic is Dese, who's a MA battle rap legend and former Scribble Jam performer. Dese is the type of rapper you just don't want to face, with bars for days and punchlines that will leave you stunned.


J Ferra has been in the game for 15 years lacing tracks for Boston rappers Slaine, Edu Leedz, Amadeus the Stampede, Rite Hook, Elemental Zazen and more. No need to introduce Confidence, who is a special talent with a pure and classic production style known for his superb collaboration album with Rashad, called "The Element Of Surprise" which is simple and plain a modern day hip-hop classic.


This release will be limited to only 200 copies on black vinyl and 300 CD's only!



01 Inhale
02 Back On The Scene
03 One More Time
04 Know The Plan
05 Hands To The Sky
06 Thas Wassup
07 Over Ya Head
08 Lookin Like That
09 Skin Flute
10 Wink At Me
11 So Damn Cool


Release date: May 20th 2020.