Page The Hand Grenade - Pull The Pin EP

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Page The Hand Grenade comes straight from the Bronx, NY. On the song “Where The Hell is Rampage? (Book of Rampage)” he breaks down most of his music career. From being known as “Rampage” than “Page The Hand Grenade” also “Stanley Grimes”.
He’s left his mark as being one of the first MC”s on mixtapes in the early 90’s with DJ Doo Wop. Also appearing on songs with Lord Finesse, O.C. and production by Buckwild of D.I.T.C. Later on connecting with the “Freestyle Professors”. All of this information on one song.


If you love his any of his material from the 90’s till 2019, you’re going to appreciate his first EP of new material. This is that raw Bronx boom bap hip hop, he’s known for.


The first song “My Mic Check Is Life or Death” sums everything up and gives you a feel of how this whole EP sounds.




My Mic Check Is Life or Death

Where The Hell Is Rampage? (Book of Rampage)

New York, New York The Big Apple


Active Duty

I’m About To Do Mad Shit You Ain’t Heard

Page The Hand Grenade