Omniscence - The Raw Factor CD


Originally scheduled for release way back in March 1996, “The Raw Factor” by North Carolina native Omniscence is one of the last of the unreleased mid-90’s albums to see the light of day. Despite being awarded The Source’s coveted “Hip Hop Quotable” and dropping two well-received singles (“Amazin” and “Touch Y’all”), record label politics meant the full-length “The Raw Factor” album was never released and fans were left wondering what might have been.


28 years later, “The Raw Factor” is finally being released on vinyl, CD and digital stores. Featuring punchline-driven lyrics from Omniscence delivered in his unmistakable cadence, and backed by head-nodding production from Fanatic, the album is a must-own for fans of 90’s Hip Hop.

Omniscence haunted the same early 90’s cyphers and stages that many lyrical greats from the era had to cross. With a gruff delivery and equal adeptness with punchlines and metaphors, his high finish at the 1994 edition Battle For World Supremacy at the New Music Seminar assured heads across the culture were watching. After this, Omniscence locked in with producer Fanatic (who also laced tracks for Notorious B.I.G., Ma$e and Michael Jackson). The result was “The Raw Factor” album, fifteen plus tracks of jazzed out boom-bap, replete with crackin’ drums.


Now Below System Records has not only given the album its first deluxe physical release (including 2xLP, CD and digital) as well as a slew of bonus/unreleased tracks.




1. Amazin’ (Kakalak Remix)
2. Nuff Love
3. Raw Factor
4. This Year (feat. Big Kap)
5. If You Got Beef
6. My Main Man
7. Represent (feat. Lil Kalef)
8. When I Make Parole (feat. Rock of Brick Flava)
9. I’m On Mine
10. Was It Just You
11. We Lust For The Papes
12. I Gotta Maintain
13. Touch Y’all
14. Wrecognize
15. Freestyle After A Philly
16. Touch Y’all (Remix) (feat. Sadat X)

Unreleased/Bonus Tracks:
17. Stage Presence (feat. Toz Torcha)
18. Rap vs Crack


Shipping Date: Early July, 2024