B Flatt β€Žβ€“ Back To Basics 2xLP

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No introduction needed here, a true classic and gem originally recorded back in 1996. About 6 years ago me and my man Bee at Back 2 da Source released the album on vinyl for the first time ever.


The project sold out in less than 2 days and I've received countless mails throughout the years from fans asking for another press. So now it's finally here with 2 extra bonus demos previously unavailable on vinyl!


π”Έπ•§π•’π•šπ•π•’π•“π•π•– π•§π•’π•£π•šπ•’π•Ÿπ•₯𝕀:⁠


⚫ 200 Black Vinyl⁠
🟑 100 Gold Vinyl⁠ (HHV Exclusive)


(36) Back to Basics - YouTube




1 Mc's Mc's Mc's
2 Back To Basics
3 Now The Purpose
4 Much Respect
5 Like This Like That
6 What Can U Dooo?
7 Best Of Success
8 Place To Raise Kids
9 Niggas Know I Drop
10 Mind State
11 To The Beat Y'All
12 Crushed By Your Dreams
13 One Fo The Money
14 Gonna Miss Me
15 Words Untold
16 All The Time Sunshine
17 Wait A Minute (Bonus Track)
18 Summer Night (Bonus Track)


Shipping Date: Late June, 2024