Saafir - Boxcar Sessions 2xLP


Reggie Gibson, aka Saafir, is a producer, actor and underground Oakland California legend known for his abstract form of emceeing. Saafir made his recording debut on Digital Underground’s The Body-Hat Syndrome in 1993, followed by an appearance on Casual’s Fear Itself in 1994, which led to his solo release Boxcar Sessions. The production was handled by Jay-Z, J Groove and Big Nose, with Sleuth and Saafir serving as executive producers. It features guest appearances from Big Nose, King Saan, Poke Martian and Rashinel.




A1 Grab The Train 1:21
A2 Swig Of The Stew 3:58
A3 Poke Martian 0:52
A4 Playa Hayta 3:36
A5 Pee Wee 2:50
B1 Battle Drill 3:58
B2 Westside 1:05
B3 Worship The "D" 4:05
B4 Light Sleeper 3:28
B5 Rashinel 1:34
B6 Can-U-Feel-Me? 3:50
C1 No Return (Goin' Crazy) 4:34
C2 Big Nose 3:28
C3 Just Riden' 3:39
C4 Hype Shit 2:53
D1 Real Circus 4:12
D2 Bent 4:29
D3 The Instructor 0:45
D4 Joint Custody 4:01