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'Phantom X', the collaborative album by Philadelphia-born IAMISEE and Belgium's DJ IRON, was initially started back in the summer of 2013 and was finally completed shortly after the pandemic hit the world back in 2020.


Sonically DJ IRON fuses classic hip hop with elements of 60's psychedelica and bits of acid rock, while also further experimenting with vintage organs, phasers, analog filters and tape echoes, resulting in a truly unique, tripped-out sound that provides the perfect backdrop for Iamisee's gritty voice and dense lyricism, bound to take the listeners to an other-worldly realm…


Produced by DJ IRON @deejayiron
Vocals by IAMISEE @iamisee
Bass on 'Champion' by Bruno Ferro Xavier Da Silva @bruno_ferro_xavier_da_silva
Bass on 'Self Titled' by Arthur Pauwelyn
Additional Instruments on 'The Meaning' & 'Timeslip' by Simon Decante
Scratches by DJ IRON
Mixed & Mastered by Tradd @mixedbyyourstruly
Artwork by Pino One @__the__p1


The CD version includes a 16-page booklet with all the lyrics and will be limited to 100 CD’s only!


You can check the tracks out here and also grab the digital and T-Shirt:


Phantom X | IAMISEE & DJ IRON | DJ IRON (bandcamp.com)




1. A.D.A.G. (Intro) 03:27
2. Electric 03:10
3. Champion 02:10
4. Rinse & Repeat 02:32
5. Beyond Worlds 02:46
6. The Meaning 04:17
7. Outerlude 00:37
8. Signs of the Times 02:44
9. Atomic Comet 04:14
10. Mind 02:30
11. Self Titled (33 RPM) 02:57 ** Video 3
12. Timeslip 03:45
13. Return to Sender 05:06


Shipping Date: Mid May, 2024