Boldy James & Real Bad Man - Killing Nothing 2xLP

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Following their 2020 collaboration on "Real Bad Boldy", prolific Detroit rapper Boldy James and LA producer Real Bad Man are back at it with their new album "Killing Nothing". Picking up right where they left off, the two are creating a music score to a gritty, grimy and filthy street tale, bringing on board CRIMEAPPLE, Knowledge The Pirate, Rome Streetz and Stove God Cooks as their accomplices.


Note: Left lower corners are slightly bumped.




A1. Water Under The Bridge
A2. All The Way Out
A3. Game Time
A4. A Hundred Ninety Bands


B1. Meddlin' (feat. CRIMEAPPLE)
B2. Cash Transactions (feat. Knowledge The Pirate)
B3. Open Door (feat. Rome Streetz, Stove God Cooks)


C1. Ain't No Bon Jovi
C2. Bo Jack (Miller Light)
C3. Sig Sauer


D1. 5 Mississippi
D2. Seeing Visions
B3. Killing Nothing