Thunder Jam Alliance - Underground Hip Hop Power Move 1 CD

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Wow - here we have a STUNNING 10 tracker from Tacoma-based producer DJ Shaggy C & his extended crew of different acts collectively known as Thunder Jam Alliance. 


A small number of the TJA demos are floating around on the net courtesy of a variety of demo tape collectors but nothing has been formally released, so here is an introduction to this mid-90s Tacoma crew's output. And hot damn, is this stuff special...


Limited to only 300 copies on CD!




1 Power Move Intro ft. DJ Too Tough and DJ Real
2 Funky Hip-Hop ft. Dem Kidz (“Cal-S.K.I.”, Duk, Jaz and DJ Kassanova)
3 Bring It On ft. “Cal-S.K.I.”, Magnum Black, HUD and Bionic
4 Jus Vibe Wit It ft. Shy-Lo
5 Shit Iz Real ft. “Cal-S.K.I.” and Heiko
6 Last Days ft. Zac
7 Did You See Them Kids ft. Brothers of the Lost Tribe (HUD, Majid & Quest)
8 Who's In The Shadow ft. Brand Nu Few (Mr. Wreck, Baby Zulu and 2 B Real)
9 What Does It Take ft. “Cal-S.K.I.”, Bionic, Heiko and Shy-Lo
10 Struck! ft. “Cal-S.K.I.”


All songs produced, recorded and mixed by DJ Shaggy C at Outlaw Recording Studios
Track 3 co-produced by DJ Kassanova
Track 4 and 9 co-produced by Shy-Lo
Track 6 co-produced by Shane Patrick
Thunder Jam Alliance Mastering Engineer Brandon Johnson (DJ Strike)


Shipping Date: Mid May, 2024