Da Fat Cat Clique - Da Cat's Out The Bag LP


Hailing from Germantown, Pennsylvania, Da Fat Cat Clique was formed in 1994. The group was composed of six members, including two sets of brothers that were related, brothers Al & Darren Robinson and brothers Larry & Aaron Anderson, and two of their friends, Carl Madison & Craig Collier. During their music career, Da Fat Cat Clique also established their own record company, called DFCC Records.


After releasing their first single in 1994, the group began performing at local venues in Philadelphia. Following this, the group created and released an independent EP, called Da Cat’s Out the Bag. One of their singles from the EP, titled “Da Flow”, peaked at No. #1 consistently from May to August of 1994, on Power 99 Radio Station in the Philadelphia area.


Available Variants:


- 100x Black Vinyl
- 100x Splatter Vinyl
- 100x Blue Vinyl
- 100x Lemon Vinyl
- 5x Test Press




A1. Intro
A2. My Tracks
A3. Another Nig
A4. Greatest Hits
A5. Live From Fox Valley


B1. Gettin' Over
B2. Fat Cats Makes Dem Drawls Go Down
B3. Built Like That
B4. How Can I Be Down?
B5. Da Flow


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