Pastense and DJ M-1 - Vintage Colours Cassette


On 'Vintage Colours' Boston MC Pastense links up with Irish producer DJ M-1. The beats on this album are M-1's trademark solid, analog and textured backdrops, an ideal canvas for Pastense to paint pictures with wordplay both abstract and literal; ruminations on day-to-day life and thought. The album is the first in a series of collaborations in 2024 the producer has planned with various vocalists and this is the perfect starting point. Features come in the form of Uncommon Nasa on the track 'Gene Wilder Words' and Zesto Q on 'Hollow Man'.


The artwork is a hand drawn piece by frequent DJ M-1 collaborator, Azhqone and pressed on limited edition pro dubbed cassettes. The release will be limited to 50 tapes only and shipping now!




1. DJ M-1 Intro 00:52
2. Vintage Colours 02:40
3. Akward Molecules 03:08
4. A Lighthouse 03:42
5. Gene Wilder Words Feat. Uncommon Nasa 02:54
6. Planetary 03:36
7. Time Thief 02:56
8. Hollow Man Feat. Zesto Q 03:24
9. Divinity Imagery 03:11