Smoked Out Productions – Mad Drama 94-96 CD


And we’re back with another hugely collectable group from the mid 90s. The first of 2 releases by Smoked Out Productions is a bitch to find – so we have 2 killers off that record, plus 2 period remixes of the 2 joints on their 2nd release [Bok, Bok/Styles] and also included are 3 previously unreleased bangers. 




1 Back Up Kid (That’s What You Get)
2 Aw Yeah
3 Keep Smokin
4 Bok Bok (DJ 360 remix)
5 Styles (DJ 360 remix)
6 Stress Vs The West
7 Mad Drama


Smoked Out Productions are Agony, Stress, Black Attack & Problemz.