Chrome Bills - Friends of the Show CD


"Chrome Bills is MC K-Cromozone (BKNY) and DJ Steve Bills (DMV).


The duo linked out of their shared love of the golden era and 90s hip-hop which then turned into a podcast under the same name (Chrome Bills). The podcast lasted for 10 years. During that time, the show provided a showcase for underground and independent rappers. In 2019 they released “The EP” which served as the group’s first musical release together, although both artists have been active since the early 2000s.


The album features guest verses from underground heavyweights Seez Mics, Dood Computer, Dezmatic, Elsphinx, Moses Rockwell, Big Slop, Bobby Noble, and Rapswell (Penpals) and a beat from SQ (Penpals)."


This was a digital only release, but now available on physical for the first time.




Back Again ft. Seez Mics and Sloppy Joe
Get Cised ft. Seez Mics
Handlin Biz ft. Seez Mics, Dood Computer and Dj Rich "Scratch" Chinn
Stir the Pot
Warm Up ft. Big Slop
Martini Music ft. Bobby Noble and Dj Addikt
Superfunds ft. Dezmatic and Moses Rockwell
Here and Now ft. Seez Mics, elsphinx and Max Bent
Until Next Time ft. Seez Mics
Chrome Billionaires ft. Rapswell, Dj Ragz