Various – Foundation Entertainment EP (BACKORDER)


So Joe City aka Third Eye Ent hits me up and says B, hook up with my man Strez, he might have some ish you are looking for. So outta Norfolk, Virginia, this is the Foundation Entertainment EP. Most of these tracks appeared on an extremely rare couple of cds from 97 & 99 as well as one off a demo tape and one unreleased from the House of Reps unreleased stash!!!




A1 Pretty Fella – Things You Do
A2 D Skinner – Da Realest
A3 Foundation Ent. ft Big Yu
A4 Da 4 Horsemen – Josie, Cisco, Billy & Sundance


B1 Jhunippuz – 2000 Complex
B2 Coalition ft. J Black – 360
B3 Stratagee Real – Foreva Real
B4 Jhunippuz – Da Gauntlet (Demo)


A1, A3, A4, B2 & B3 produced by Stratagee Real and DJ Strez For Pressha Point Productions.
A2, B1 & B4 Produced By DJ Strez.


Shipping Date: Late March, 2024