Thunder Jam Alliance - Underground Hip Hop Power Move Demo 1 LP


Wow - here we have a STUNNING 10 tracker from Tacoma-based producer DJ Shaggy C & his extended crew of different acts collectively known as Thunder Jam Alliance. 


A small number of the TJA demos are floating around on the net courtesy of a variety of demo tape collectors but nothing has been formally released, so here is an introduction to this mid-90s Tacoma crew's output. And hot damn, is this stuff special...


Big shout out to my man Hakan Dougpark for the connect and Unikone for his posts on the excellent Hip Hop The Golden Era Blog - 1L




A1 Power Move Intro ft. DJ Too Tough and DJ Real
A2 Funky Hip-Hop ft. Dem Kidz (“Cal-S.K.I.”, Duk, Jaz and DJ Kassanova)
A3 Bring It On ft. “Cal-S.K.I.”, Magnum Black, HUD and Bionic
A4 Jus Vibe Wit It ft. Shy-Lo
A5 Shit Iz Real ft. “Cal-S.K.I.” and Heiko


B1 Last Days ft. Zac
B2 Did You See Them Kids ft. Brothers of the Lost Tribe (HUD, Majid & Quest)
B3 Who's In The Shadow ft. Brand Nu Few (Mr. Wreck, Baby Zulu and 2 B Real)
B4 What Does It Take ft. “Cal-S.K.I.”, Bionic, Heiko and Shy-Lo
B5 Struck! ft. “Cal-S.K.I.”


All songs produced, recorded and mixed by DJ Shaggy C at Outlaw Recording Studios
Track 3 co-produced by DJ Kassanova
Track 4 and 9 co-produced by Shy-Lo
Track 6 co-produced by Shane Patrick
Thunder Jam Alliance Mastering Engineer Brandon Johnson (DJ Strike)


Shipping Date: Late March, 2024