Musa Allah - The 1994-1996 Unreleased Demos EP


And we're back in once again for the first release of 2024.


I love a drop where the artist hits me up. There's something special about a talented cat reaching out to get his project released through Herring. Musa aka Howard Lloyd hit me up with a DAT transfer of joints that had previously been lost in time. They eventually showed up 30 years later after much digging and boy, was it worth the wait.


Cats will probably know Musa from his solo stuff as Howard Lloyd, his work in Sputnik Brown as well as his 90's crew House of Reps featuring Wyld Bunch. Dude has been a fixture on the Long Island and NY scene since the early 90s. He recorded his first demos in 1994 at the legendary Firehouse Studios and here for your listening pleasure, we have 4 tracks and 3 dub versions from those sessions including one mixed by our man C-12. The remaining 3 tracks on this stunning 10 tracker are by his crew House of Reps and were recorded down in GA in 96.


There are 300 copies on Black Wax in trad Herring sticker jacket.




A1 Therapist or the Rapist
A2 Miss Understood
A3 7th level
A4 The Rhythm
A5 7th level (Dub Version)


B1 House of Reps - Ten Four Keep Frontin
B2 House of Reps - Crazy World
B3 House of Reps - Lala
B4 Miss Understood (Dub Version)
B5 The Rhythm (Dub Version)


All tracks produced by Musa Allah.
All tracks written by Musa Allah except B1, B2 & B3 written by Beats Boom, Life, Musa Allah.
A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B4 & B5 recorded in 1994 at Firehouse Studios by Blaise Dupuy.
A1, A2, A3, A5 & B4 mixed by Lenny "Ace" Marrow @ Legend Recording.
B1, B2 & B3 recorded in 1996 and mixed at H.O.R. Studios by Musa Allah.
A4 & B5 mixed at Firehouse Studios by C-12.


Shipping Date: Late March, 2024