Party Poopers - Pooper Technique EP

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Only a handful [less than 10] of TPs were pressed back in 93 and then it got dropped from the label, so was never actually released. Killer EP from Kas' crew Party Poopers. Kas never found out why it never got the full release but he suggested that it was possibly due to the label owner's illness [that's sickness - i MEAN, sure he was nicewiddit but he wasn't well this guy!]. The truth is lost in time but fortunately these recordings were recovered by Kas from his DAT tapes, so we can present to you the final release from the Herring x Kas collaboration. It's a crying shame he never got to see his pet project released, but at LEAST the music will live on.


Thanks for everything man - we'll miss you.....


The record includes 3 of the 4 tracks on the OG TP [sorry guys, the other track was busted!] PLUS 4 unreleased, unleaked gems including one joint that features Khalis Bayyan AKA Ronald Bell of Kool & The Gang on horn. Wild...


300 copies on Trad Black Wax in sticker cover.




A1 You Don't Stop
A2 Pooper Technique
A3 It's Over Now


B1 Don't Invite Me
B2 Disgrace to Rap ft. Princess
B3 My Block (Pooped Up) ft. Khalis Bayyan of Kool & the Gang
B4 Peck Ya Neck


All tracks recorded, mixed and produced by Kasem 'Mixture' Coleman.
A1,A2 & A3 recorded at In Session Studio (Newark NJ) 1993.
B1, B2 & B4 recorded at Fly Guy/The Safehouse (East Orange NJ) 1993.
B3 recorded at House of Music 1994.