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Busta Rhymes ‎– Extinction Level Event - The Final World Front CD




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1 Intro - There's Only One Year Left!!!

2 Everybody Rise

3 Where We Are About To Take It

4 Extinction Level Event (The Song Of Salvation)

5 Tear Da Roof Off

6 Against All Odds

7 Just Give It To Me Raw

8 Do It To Death

9 Keepin' It Tight

10 Gimme Some More

11 Iz They Wildin Wit Us & Getting Rowdy Wit Us

12 Party Is Goin' On Over Here

13 Do The Bus A Bus

14 Take It Off

15 What's It Gonna Be?!

16 Hot Shit Makin' Ya Bounce

17 What The Fuck You Want!!

18 This Means War!!

19  utro - The Burial Song