Def Rhythm Productions - Back To The Lab CD

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After a bad departure from Payroll Records, former in-house producer and Bizzie Boyz member Andreao Heard was furious and a man on mission. He decided to hook up with the hungriest new producer in the camp, a cat from NC named Mark Sparks...

Mark Sparks had a raw and dirty style in contrary to Heard's style which more clean and commercial. Heard and T.R. Raynor came up with a plan to release a compilation album, with Andreao Heard producing one side and Marks Sparks producing the other side to attract a wide range of hip-hop fans. On top of that this would also be the first time Heard would get the chance to work with a new promising rapper named Omniscience!

Once the material was completed they sadly were unable to get the record out to the masses and missed a chance in getting radio play and reaching considerable sales. Shortly after the compilation was released Andreao Heard and Mark Sparks went their own way and became very succesful names in the industry. Andreao Heard went on to produce for the likes of Michael Jackson, Will Smith, The Notorious B.I.G, Ma$e, Lil Kim, Anthony Hamilton and more. Mark Sparks went on to produce the underground classic, Kakalaka Raw and did work for Special Ed, Grand Puba, Redhead Kingpin, Salt N Pepa, Mary J Blige and many more.