Kokane - Funk Upon A Rhyme 2xLP

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Smoke On Records proudly presents "Kokane - Funk Upon A Rhyme" on "Funk Galaxy Color" and Black vinyl. Includes a
Zig - Zag card!




A1_Ridin'On The Funk
A2_From The Funk To The Back
A3_Mo' Water
A4_Slow Burnin' 22.5° Fahrenheit


B1_I Need Representation
B2_My Day Is Coming
B3_All Bark No Bite


C1_Bakin' Soda Free
C2_The Aftermath
C3_No Pain, No Gain


D1_Shots Out
D2_Shit, Goddamm
D3_Don't Bite The Phunk


Shipping Date: Late January, 2024