Mac Dre - Young Black Brotha CD


Smoke On Records is extremly proud to present you the first EP from the late great Bay legend Mac Dre recorded between 1989-1990. "Young Black Brotha" will be released in a limited fashion with flip cover option (original cover from LP, cassette and reissue cover). Including a bonus instrumental.


Rest in Peace Mac Dre this reissue is dedicated to you!
Special thanks to Khayree, Mac Dre's Mother and City Hall Records for making this happen with Smoke On Records.




1. Young Black Brotha 5:13
2. Livin A Mac's Life 4:54
3. Too Hard For The Fuckin Radio 4:54
4. Mac Dre's The Name 5:03
5. Young Black Brotha (Instrumental) 4:06


Shipping Date: Late January, 2024