S.C.U. - Brace Yo Delf (20th Anniversary Collector's Edition) CD


S.C.U. are also known as the Self Contained Unit and come from Baltimore. Production was handled by Jay Funk, earlier he dropped releases with Chopped Herring Records and Six2Six Records. Brace Yo Delf was originally released in 1998 as a 9 track CD which was only released on a very limited basis and has been long sought after.


The S.C.U. - Brace Yo Delf (20th Anniversary Collector's Edition) CD will be limited to 500 pieces and just like the vinyl it will include all the tracks of the classic and rare 1st 12" as bonus tracks but that's not all because the 4 tracks from the Harm City EP (previously released on Six2Six on vinyl only) will be added as well! The CD will have 15 tracks total.




1. Lifelinez 03:24
2. No Your Limits 03:05
3. Rhyme Patternz 03:59
4. Nervous Service 05:14
5. In This Life 03:46
6. We Don't Play 03:39
7. Brace Yo Delf 05:11
8. Last Dayz 04:12
9. 1,2,3 (Original Version) 03:41
10. Ware Da Son Don't Shyne (Bonus Track) 03:33
11. Murder 1 (Bonus Track) 03:36
12. Harm City (Bonus Track) 04:49
13. 1,2,3 (Remix) (Bonus Track) 03:40
14. Threshold of Pain (Bonus Track) 04:19
15. 9-5 (Bonus Track) 05:24