Da Steez Brothaz - Beat At Mind EP

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Da Steez Brothaz are back with a brand new 6 track EP which will include the instrumental versions on the B-Side. For those who don't know, Da Steez Brothaz are a major up-and-coming Colombian rap crew that uses only vintage 90's style production. Sounds good right? Check this then... There's a dope Finsta feature, and production by Nick Wiz, MZ Boom Bap and Debonair P to name a few!


This EP will be limited to only 300 copies and the artwork was handled by Da Steez Brothaz themselves.




A1 Keepin It Tru
A2 Blood Sport (featuring Ri-K)
A3 Ruta 237 (Cuts by DJ DNY)
A4 Nirvana (featuring Woozy Medwick)
A5 Ciudad Criminal (Cuts by DJ DNY)
A6 Live, Love, Grow (featuring Finsta & C.O.R.E.) (Cuts by Ecks MDC)


B1 Keepin It Tru (Instrumental) Prod. Truskull Zerokappa
B2 Blood Sport (Instrumental) Prod. MZ Boom Bap
B3 Ruta 237 (Instrumental) Prod. BigLikeBaz
B4 Nirvana (Instrumental) Prod. Nick Wiz
B5 Ciudad Criminal (Instrumental) Prod. M. Padron
B6 Live, Love, Grow (Instrumental) Prod. Debonair P