Da Steez Brothaz - Physical Rappin + Beat at Mind CD


The first release of 2019 is here and we pick up where we left off with Da Steez Brothaz! I received numerous requests to put the Beat at Mind EP out on CD and decided to give the CD headz more than they bargained for. So I present to you their debut album from 2016, Physical Rappin + Beat at Mind included as well as bonus tracks. No less than 16 tracks of hardcore, grimey boom bap and don't forget to check out the videos!




01 Todo Sigue Igual
02 Dominando El Mic
03 Ready 2 Funk
04 Real Concepto
05 Tecnologia
06 Posible Es Ahora
07 90's Back
08 Originul Flava
09 Mi Barrio
10 Realness
11 Keepin It Thru
12 Blood Sport
13 Ruta 237
14 Nirvana
15 Ciudad Criminal
16 Live, Love, Grow


Dominando El Mic Video:


Realness Video:


90's Back Video:


Ciudad Criminal Video:


Keepin It Thru Video: