Scott Free - Don't Fight the Flavor CD


Here we go with the very first recordings Noiseman produced back in 1993! In the early days Noiseman teamed up with Scott Free and they rocked many shows all over the US. Opening up for names like Naughty by Nature, Das Efx, C-Funk, House of Pain, Gravediggaz, Lighter Shade of Brown, Goodie Mob, Lord Digga, Paris, Lord Finesse, Masta Ace, Assassin, MC Breed, Mystic, Total Devastation, DJ Quick and many more.


Being in an area where G-Funk reigned supreme they never got the props they deserved and it was an uphill battle trying to get their name and music out to the public. Prepare to be blown away because what you will hear is nothing but top notch 1993 hip-hop!


Limited to only 300 copies on CD!




01 Don't Fight The Flavor (Reece Mix)
02 Don't Fight The Flavor (Original Mix)
03 Don't Fight The Flavor (Midnight Mix)
04 Don't Fight The Flavor (Original Mental)
05 Don't Fight The Flavor (Midnight Mental)
06 I Hear Em Coming (Vocal Mix)
07 I Hear Em Coming (Original Mental)
08 Ill School Grammar (Vocal Mix)
09 Coming Ruff (Vocal Mix)
10 What I'm About (Vocal Mix)