Swift - The Ruff Shit CD


Swift who dropped his first single "The Ruff Shitt" on JABA Records in 1994. Many people think that Swift was from New Jersey but in fact he was originally from Arkansas and moved to Oakland / Richmond, California in 1993.


Swift : "I graduated and went to Cali bay area in 93 to get away from the gang lifestyle I grew up in, where I made lots of noise in the music scene whilst being a aviation machinist, until getting kicked out for a gun incident. I got the attention of various people and built a big fanbase."


The 12" was composed of six versions of the song 'The Ruff Shitt' and was fully produced by the well-known beatmaker Mashood Danmole aka Noiseman M.D, the producer of the underground classic "Back to Basics" released by B-Flatt & Tyranny in 1996.


Hip-Hop Enterprise will be reissuing the 1994 single tracks without the Ill Skool Shop Mix. That beat was originally made for the Scott Free - Don't Fight the Flavor EP and Noiseman M.D. requested it this way to keep the projects as they were meant to be. In addition there will be added no less than 5 previously unreleased full track bangers, recorded at that time and all of them produced by Noiseman M.D. and a bonus outro beat.


Limited to only 300 copies on CD!




01 The Ruff Shit (Ruff House Blues Mix)
02 The Ruff Shit (Ruff Man Mix)
03 The Ruff Shit (Radio Man Mix)
04 The Ruff Shit (Nine Duce Mix)
05 The Ruff Shit (Instrumental)
06 Here It Is (Vocal)
07 Loosing It (Vocal)
08 Blow For Blow (Vocal)
09 Buckle Up (Vocal)
10 Head For The Hills (Vocal)
11 The Dope Move (Beat)