Phantom Blade - Beware the Phantom Blade CD


One of the wittiest and most creative projects released in 2018 

with a storyline and album cover inspired by Horror B-Movies. Also noteworthy is that the album was recorded & mixed by Justus League veteran Cesar Comanche at Missie Ann Studios.


NC's Phantom Blade consists of emcee Ghost Dog and emcee / producer Sharp Cuts. This gritty boom-bap duo have a natural chemistry that allows them to bounce off of each other effortlessly whether just having fun with the wordplay, telling stories, or sharing life jewels.


Their their full-length LP, 'Beware the Phantom Blade', is a masterclass in storytelling over Sharp Cut's impeccable, grimey, boom-bap production; weaving a tale of hip-hop quite literally creating a monster which Ghost Dog (aka The Phantom) & Sharp Cuts (aka The Blade) must track down.


The skits are often hilarious & the songs themselves cover the whole spectrum of vibes; from laidback & introspective to in-your-face & hard-hitting. The lyricism itself must be heard to be believed & features guest appearances from Precyce Politix, Mike L!ve & Tuscon (of 1100 Hunters), & Justus League's own Cesar Comanche.


The album was originally 14 cuts deep but the CD version will have 2 extra bonus tracks! You can check out the tracks here:




01 Oculus
02 Night Falls on Metropolis
03 Clockwork Orange
04 Fibonacci
05 Face Off
06 Phantom & the Blade
08 Riki-Oh
09 Hellboy Fist
10 Know My Name
11 Me, Tu & Another MF
12 The Filibuster
13 Words of Wisdom
14 Question Marks
15 Lessons
16 Phantom & the Blade (Remix)