Rahsheed - Wasabi LP

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Rahsheed aka Maylay Sparks' debut was originally released in Japan back in 1997 and on Compact Disc only. It was released as a limited edition and was entirely produced by fellow Philly natives DJ Miz and DJ Jazz so you know what to expect! For the vinyl release I decided to go back to the original cover and the project will be limited to 300 copies on black vinyl only this time around.




A1 Intro 00:51
A2 Industrypartybumrusha! 04:00
A3 Keep Kickin That 04:36
A4 How Eva U Want 03:35
A5 12:00 AM 01:28
A6 Final Call 04:25


B1 Never Put U Down 03:45
B2 Studio Time (Interlude) 01:12
B3 Split Decision 02:57
B4 East Wild West 03:28
B5 The Life I Live 04:25
B6 Gothum 04:32
B7 Outro (A.R. Gray) 02:13