Carta' P. & Parental - A Beautiful Mess CD


Carta' P. & Parental - A Beautiful Mess is a project that was recorded over a timespan of 2 years. The HHE edition CD edition will include no less than 6 bonus tracks!


Let's shed some light on the artists...


Paris, France based producer Parental has been steadily building his name for the last 10 years producing for acts like Kalhex, Zaïd (Deviants Of Modern Society), Pete Flux, Melanin 9, Glad2mecha, Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard, Horror City and more!


Former Adagio! emcee Carta' P. is a legendary rapper hailing from Mount Vernon and was formerly known as Big Cousin or the Obvious Wonder. He along with his Philly counterpart Rayme Supreme have been responsible for dropping countless classics since the mid 90's. The headz that know Adagio! will remember they had a distinct, own style that made them instantly recognisable and that's also a feat this album has to offer.


The CD will be limited to only 300 copies so don't sleep on this beautiful piece. You can check the first 14 tracks out on Parental's bandcamp page and for the headz that prefer vinyl you can still cop that there too:




2. MSNBC: My Story Needs Better Clarity
3. A Day In The Life
4. Excited
5. MOM: Migraines Of Milan
6. Promissory Note
7. SMEO: Sweat My Edges Out
8. A Beautiful Mess
9. Carter P.
10. I Hate You
11. Misunderstood
12. Zoo
13. NYC To Cali
14. Too Many (Remix) [feat. Breeze Brewin']


Bonus Tracks:


15. Nexus (Bonus Beat)
16. Too Many (Original)
17. I'm Fly
18. Love Sexy
19. Love Sexy (Messy Mix)
20. MSNBC (Wiz Remix)