Pitcho – Regarde Comment! 2xLP


SCMD Music (the umbrella that unites Taha Records and JTLM Records) are back with an impressive release from our own soil this time. "Regarde Comment!" was released 20 years ago on CD only and was the debut of Kinshasa born and Brussels based artist Pitcho.


Pitcho is an emblematic figure in Brussels who has been making his mark since the 90's. At only 7 years old, after just fleeing his native Congo he already founded his first collective in Brussels called "Onde de Choc".  At a young age he was already known as an enigmatic battle rapper which led to his stellar victory at the 1998 Freestyle Battle at the Beursschouwburg. In 2003 he finally dropped his much anticipated debut album in the form of "Regarde Comment!".


Nowadays Pitcho is a multidisciplinary artist who dabbles in acting, writing, theatre, and directing. He's very active in the KVS, which is a theatre of Brussels but he's also the co-founder and artistic director of the hip-hop structure Skinfama.




1 Regarde Comment Intro 2:10
2 Ma Part Du Ghetto 4:10
3 T'Aime Ça 3:13
4 La Routine 3:55
5 Appelle Ça 4:24
6 Dis Moi 1:58
7 Le Bras En L'air, Poing Serré 5:25
8 Plus Moyen 3:39
9 Skenfama 3:33
10 District 1030 4:07
11 ... Adouçit Le Meurtre 4:46
12 Toujours Là 4:37
13 Pas Besoin D'Eux 2:30
14 Sang D'Encre 4:08
15 Triomphe Et Tragédie 4:02
16 L'Essentiel 5:00
17 Outro 1:05

Bonus Track:

18 Schaerbeek Est 3:22


Shipping Date: December 1st, 2023