3Sunz x Confidence x J Ferra - The Ride CD


3Sunz (Ishmael Nehemiah and Solomon) have been making a buzz in the underground for some years now. These 2 young lyricists from the Tennessee mountains with a gift for introspective rhymes hooked up with longtime friends and producers Confidence and J Ferra back in 2021 and the result of that was "The Ride". 


Here's what Ishmael Nehemiah had to say about the album last week.


"What a ride this music journey has been for me. I mean truly such a series of ups and downs and pluses and minuses. I have been inspired and I have trusted myself enough to know that my art is and will always be impactful. This album still represents exactly what it did To me the day it released and that is to enjoy life with the people you truly love. It’s a wild ride. The work was fully dedicated to the relationship me and my brothers have preserved for one another since we were children. Nothing short of a taste of our whole lives into just a small piece of work. This project is filled with fun, laughter, sadness and sorrow. Self worth and self love. And dedication. Very impactful subjects if you ask me.
Thank you to every last soul who made this project become a reality and you know who you are. May this music live on for eternity…
To infinity….and beyond"


Now on vinyl and CD in limited fashion! We will have a dope colored edition limited to only 100 copies and a black vinyl edition limited to only 150 copies. The CD will be limited to only 200 copies total.




1. The Ride 03:09
2. The Flex 02:30
3. The Bond 03:35
4. The Struggle 03:34
5. The Flex II 03:00
6. The Payroll 02:14
7. The Right Time 03:06
8. The Bond II 03:12
9. The Vent 03:01
10. The End 01:19


Shipping Date: December 12th, 2023